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Lean & Tone Program

The proven efficient way to shed bodyfat, improve muscle tone, increase endurance, energy and strength

chckmarkEmphasizes strength, toning and fat loss

chckmarkFocus on achieving measurable personal fitness goals

chckmarkRequires 3–4 30–minute sessions per week

chckmarkEnhances self-confidence/quality of life

Core Training

Specialized for the ever important core muscles: abs, lower back, hips and pelvis.

chckmarkA strong core is key to protecting the lower back, stabilizing your spine, and proper posture.

chckmarkThe core muscles hold your body upright and help balance overall.

chckmarkIf they are the weakest link almost of your muscles and joints will be affected.

chckmarkGreatly improves lower back pain if the source is a weak core (very likely)

Senior Fitness Program

Contains the benefits of Lean & Tone while addressing age- and health-specific concerns of elders

chckmarkEmphasizes form/proper training technique to avoid injuries

chckmarkFocus on stretching and range-of-motion movements

chckmarkImproves coordination, balance, functional capabilities

chckmarkMakes accomplishing everyday tasks easier

chckmarkStrengthens, tones muscle/builds stamina

Sport-specific Fitness Program

Designed to meet specific sport demands and enhance athletic ability

chckmarkEmphasizes strength & conditioning

chckmarkFocus on explosive athletic movement

chckmarkPromotes power, stamina, endurance

chckmarkReduces common injuries through proper form/technique

Youth Fitness Program

Addresses common fitness issues of youth by exchanging sedentary pursuits with physical activity

chckmarkEmphasizes cardiovascular activity/fat reduction/strength development

chckmarkFocus on correct lifestyle eating habits

chckmarkPromotes a strong physique & mentality

chckmarkEngages interest with fun, exciting activities

chckmarkUses teamwork to build self-confidence & leadership qualities

Advanced Program

For those ready to move to “the next level”

chckmarkEmphasizes achieving rapid measurable results

chckmarkFocus on strength/endurance/balance

chckmarkDiet counseling for rapid weight loss & muscle gain

chckmarkBuilds short-term gains into sustainable lifestyle changes

Wedding Package

An intense package for brides, grooms—even parents!—wanting to look fabulous on The Big Day.

Post-Natal Package

Combines moderate resistance-training with high cardiovascular conditioning to get your body into “pre-baby shape” fast.

Beginner Program

For those who have never performed high-intensity exercise before, or clients with physical limitations, or those looking to maintain. Two medium-intensity sessions per week.